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Does your Fear or Phobia hold you back in life?

Do you get scared of things that others just laugh at?

Wish you could truly feel free & fully in control at all times?

Then Contact Us Today about

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Rochdale Therapy Services & Your Phobia

Rochdale Therapy Services offer a fantstic solution to Phobias that can restrict your life and ambitions.

Most of us have a fear or phobia that can be an inconvenience... but to many it can have a negative impact on our work, social life and dreams. Whether you are afraid of flying (Pteromerhanophobia), spiders (Arachnophobia) or something more unusual such as beards (Pogonophobia), you are definately not alone. In fact although a phobia is often described as "an irrational fear", there is often quite a rational and simple explanation to any phobia, and as such it is quite easily treated - and thanks to a non intrusive approach with a combination of CMT and other therapy treatments, your consultant doesn't even need to know what your particular phobia is (especially useful if you feel embarrassed by your fear) ...if you do not want to reveal it. Many phobias can be treated in one relaxing session, in fact many clients have reported afterwards that phobia treatments are "fun" and "enjoyable" so there is nothing to fear! To book a treatment session call us today, and tomorrow you could be living a new life without the fear that was holding you back in the past!

Telephone - 01706 354 963


Home visits for phobia treatments available in the following areas -

Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Oldham, Middleton, Castleton, Manchester, Ashton, Heywood, Prestwich, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester & Surrounding Areas.

Alternatively, why not book an appointment at our luxury treatment rooms, just a couple of minutes drive from Rochdale Town Centre, and extremely close to the M62, M60, A627M and less than 30 minutes from Manchester City Centre, Leeds & Bradford.

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