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Do you want to DIE before your Loved Ones?
Fed-up being a DRUG ADDICT?
Want more MONEY to make your wildest Dreams Come True?


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We all know the health risks associated with smoking tobacco, and combined with the rising cost, and the fact that smoking is less socially acceptable, many people in Rochdale and the surrounding areas are looking for a solution to the habit.

The average 20-a-day smoker now spends over £2,000 a year on cigs!

It's quite a frightening statistic... all that money being burnt away... plus the smell of smoke on clothes, the risks for yourself, your partner and your children...

Thankfully, RTS have the solution if you would like to give up smoking... A purpose designed treatment that has already been used successfully on hundreds of people who were like you - but now live the life that they used to only dream of!

At RTS, we pride ourselves in helping smokers quit within one 90 minute session - no matter whether you are addicted to cigarettes, pipe tobacco, roll-ups or another substance, as long as you follow our instructions carefully you will never smoke again - or you can have a Full Refund!

If you would like a happier, healthier, smoke free life starting immediately, then call us today to discuss your Smoking Cessation Course -

01706 354 963


Appointments Available at our comfortable, purpose designed Therapy Rooms in Rochdale (OL11 ), alternatively Home visits for therapy treatments are available in the following locations -

Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Oldham, Middleton, Castleton, Manchester, Ashton, Heywood, Prestwich, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester & Surrounding Areas.

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