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Fed Up Being Fat?


 Want to be proud of the person you see in the mirror?


Tired of useless diets that don't work?


Want to be the slim, sexy envy of all who know you?


Then find out more about the proven weight management system used successfully by some of the world's Top Celebrities!

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 Lose Weight with Rochdale Therapy Services

Consultants at RTS were an integral part of the development of a fantastic weight loss system that has taken the world by storm. "Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy" (The Complete Mind Therapy Approach) is the surgery free, non-intrusive weight management course that has similar results to drastic medical proceedures... but without the scalpels, scars or hospital visits.

One leading Weight Loss Club in the UK recently stated in their adverts that -

"Successful Weight Loss is all in the Mind"

 - something that our professional consultants have known for years, and have been using to their patients' benefit for a very long time.

A virtual Gastric Band allows you to still eat whatever foods you enjoy, whether that is chocolate, Chinese & Indian Take-aways or cream cakes, without calorie counting, or using complicated points systems. However, after the band has been "fitted" you will find that you feel fuller, sooner and for longer. With a feeling of satisfaction and the lack of hunger being achieved quickly, you will find that there is no desire to overeat or snack on additional food between meals.

To ensure that your weight loss is managed safely, the course of treatment includes aftercare, and the tightening or lossening of the virtual band as required.

For more information about the Virtual Gastric Band (Complete Mind Therapy Approach)

Telephone - 01706 354 963

Email - mail@rochdale-therapy-services.co.uk


Rochdale Therapy Services have comfortable treatment rooms located in Greater Manchester, just a few minutes from both Rochdale Town Centre and the M62, with free parking for clients. Bookings can be made 7 days a week, from 9am - 9pm, so there really is no need for any more excuses. By picking up the phone today, you could be starting your new life as a slimmer, happy, healthy, confident person tomorrow!

Home visits for therapy treatments available in the following areas -

Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Oldham, Middleton, Castleton, Manchester, Ashton, Heywood, Prestwich, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester & Surrounding Areas.

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